Getting Ready

For some career opportunities, you might need further training and education. To help you level up your skills and knowledge, we have developed partnerships with different programs around the Greater Toronto Area to help you get ready for your ideal career. Here is how.

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Get an opportunity to meet professionals face-to-face from a range of careers and industries to learn about the different paths that could be right for you.

Manual worker communicating with company leaders and his coworkers during business presentation in a factory.

Come out to a guided event where you can tour one of our partner’s places of business including warehouses, construction sites, manufacturing facilities, offices, and more.

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Construction workers working on construction site

This one-on-one shadowing experience is your opportunity to see a “day in the life” of an industry professional to get a better idea if this career is a good fit.

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Business colleagues having a conversation. They are both young business people casually dressed in a modern office. Could be an interview or consultant working with a client. She is listening and smiling. One person has her back to us. She is holding a digital tablet. Mixed ethnic group.  One is African American and the other is Caucasian

Now that you’re on your way to starting a great career, get access to a great network of professionals who can give you advice and ideas on how to grow your potential.

For more information about these career exploration opportunities, register with us today. Our Career Coach and Employer Liaison will get in touch with you and help you get started.