Slow internet can be especially frustrating when you’re trying to search for jobs, look up recipes for your catering business, complete your schoolwork on time, or even when you’re trying to stream music at a dance in the Community Centre’s gym. For years, the internet “situation” at the Alexandra Park Community Centre was less-than-ideal.

Once learning about the poor internet and connectivity at the Community Centre, Tridel reached out to our partners at Rogers to see if we could find a solution. Rogers has been a partner of Tridel for over 20 years with quality and high-speed internet and cable services, so we knew they were up for the job. Rogers generously provided high-speed Internet and Ignite TV, coupled with a sophisticated Wi-Fi booster solution to the Centre for a period of seven years for free.

Now all those who visit the Centre for their wide array of programming have consistent, steady, and fast internet services.