Company Name: II By IV Design
Position: Junior Interior Designer

Job Classification: Full-Time



A team player who is ready to dive in, eager to seize every opportunity for growth and success with II By IV Design studio. Picture yourself stepping into a playground of creativity, where your ideas are valued and your hard work pays off in tangible results.

As a Junior Designer, you’re joining a team that thrives on ambition and dedication. Working closely with your design team, you’ll be at the heart of brainstorming sessions where innovation takes center stage. From designing concepts to collaborating with suppliers, you’ll play a vital role in every aspect of the design process. Your commitment to excellence will shine through as you bring concepts to life and deliver results that exceed expectations.

This role is for the ambitious, the dedicated, the ones who are willing to roll up their sleeves and pour their heart and soul into every project. Consider this your proving ground, a place where hard work and dedication are valued and celebrated. It’s about seizing every opportunity to challenge yourself, to push boundaries, and to transform your potential into greatness.

But it’s not only about design—it’s about fostering a culture of collaboration. You’ll work directly with an experienced team, learning from their wisdom and sharing your own unique insights along the way. Together, you’ll cultivate an environment where creativity knows no bounds and innovation thrives.

So, if you are ready to turn your aspirations into achievements and you are eager to leave your mark on the world of design, then look no further.

See the full job description: JUNIOR INTERIOR DESIGNER 

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