Working in community together

We have experience and established relationships with organizations supported by different levels of government and the City of Toronto. These programs provide services that support existing programs in the community. Our partnerships demonstrate our history of working in diverse communities and proactively seeking programs that support community residents. 

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Tridel group of companies

The Tridel Group of Companies is one of the largest privately held residential real estate groups in Canada. The Group consists of several operating companies focused on diverse areas of real estate including development, sales, construction, property management, and other related real estate services.


To date, the Tridel Group of Companies is responsible for producing over 85,000 homes, and our Property Management divisions manage 72,000 condo suites, over 23,750 rental units, 23.8 million square feet of residential and commercial rental space, and 91,000 acres of land. 

The Tridel Group of Companies continues to lead the industry in innovation, technology & design. Tridel has the capacity, through our Group of Companies, to prioritize jobs, while also providing access to other opportunities for all residents in the community.

1. Tridel Group of Companies


In 2009, Tridel was the founding sponsor of the Building Opportunities for Life Today Program (“BOLT”) with the mission of connecting young people to careers in construction. The BOLT Foundation offers financial awards to support post-secondary education, provides access to skilled training opportunities, and hosts multiple events like Speak Outs and Days of Discovery to create awareness about the vast and diverse career opportunities in construction. Working with industry, government, and educational institutions, the BOLT Foundation aims to provide youth access to sustainable jobs in construction. 


Bowery Project

Bowery Project designs, builds and manages mobile urban farms in downtown Toronto. Bowery Project is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to create opportunities for urban agriculture through the temporary use of undeveloped, vacant and underutilized spaces. They grow food for local chefs/restaurants and charities, such as the Summer lunch+ program, while engaging the community through creative and educational programming.  

Bowery Project has created several opportunities for urban agriculture in downtown Toronto, including an installation in the Alexandra Park Community where they continue to have a significant impact in community economic development and engagement. 

6. Bowery
O4AY Photo #7 (1)

Opportunity for all youth (o4ay)

Opportunity for all Youth is a coalition of Canada’s leading companies working together with community employment agencies and governments to create better futures for youth while addressing barriers in the youth employment system. Tridel has been working as part of the coalition since its early inception in 2017 to help to connect youth with full-time employment within the Tridel Group of Companies. O4AY has been a great supporter of Community Works and help develop many of the employment resources found on the site. 


Paris Kitchens

Paris Kitchens, a division of The Sanderson-Harold Company Limited has dramatically changed since they began crafting iceboxes back in 1902. Today, Paris Kitchens brings its rich heritage and long-standing expertise to discerning customers all across Canada. With time-honoured traditions in fine craftsmanship and precision woodworking, Paris Kitchens creates outstanding kitchen environments that are both beautiful and functional, offering today’s sophisticated clients the utmost in kitchen convenience. In 2020, Paris Kitchens contributed materials and labour to create a beautifully renovated kitchen space at the Alexandra Park Community Centre. This new kitchen boasts style, functionality, and quality that can be used by community centre staff and volunteers for years to come.  

Paris kitchens (1)
2. SaulGood (1)


SaulGood Gift Company is a certified B-Corporation on a mission to deliver gift boxes featuring items that are locally made, small batches, and produced in the communities where they operate.


Learning of the high-quality and beautiful products procured by SaulGood, Tridel sought to evolve the homeowner welcome home gift to feature new items sourced locally, ethically, and sustainably. When thinking what the perfect addition to the gift to our homeowners would be and how to support small businesses, our minds went to the bespoke spice jars handcrafted by the Culinary Crew, a resident-led catering company based out of the Alexandra Park Community. Since working with the Culinary Crew, we’ve given over 1,500 homeowners the “spice of life”. 


Toronto Community housing

Toronto Community Housing is the largest social housing provider in Canada and the second-largest in North America. By working together with Tridel, the City of Toronto, our residents, our neighbours, and community partners, we are transforming aging housing infrastructure to build better homes, better neighbourhoods, and a better Toronto for all. 

Revitalization is creating vibrant communities with increased opportunities. It attracts investment in the form of new or improved amenities like schools, parks and community facilities. It also provides job and training opportunities for residents and creates opportunities for affordable homeownership.  

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3. Whirlpool


Whirlpool Canada, as a leading appliance provider for Tridel communities, has collaborated with Tridel on a number of community initiatives. Throughout the years, Whirlpool has donated goods to support local resident-led business, participated in innovation summits, as well as other CSR and sustainability initiatives. Together, Whirlpool and Tridel are now working to evolve career exploration, employment and training program for you. 


George Brown College

We are a strong supporter of education in the construction industry. We entered a partnership with George Brown College where we both had the common goal of developing the next generation of industry talent. 

The Angelo DelZotto School of Construction Management, Ontario’s only four-year degree program in Construction Management, emerged so that together, Tridel and GBC may develop leading edge education programs and facilities in the construction industry.