Position Title: Project Coordinator - Community Engagement for Regent Park Revitalization Phases 4 & 5 (Part-time)

Company: Bousfields Inc.

Department: Community Engagement

Number of Open Positions: Three (3)

Close Date: September 8, 2021

Contract Duration: September 2021-January 2022

The Opportunity

Bousfields is a Toronto based planning firm, part of the team that will lead the master planning process for Phases 4 & 5 of the Regent Park Revitalization. As part of our work, we are looking to hire three members of the Regent Park Community in a part-time role as Project Coordinators between September 2021 to January 2022.


What This Opportunity Will Bring You

Through this position, you will have the exciting opportunity to:

  -   Shape the future of Regent Park

  -   Bring forward the voice, experiences and perspectives of the Regent Park community

  -   Take part in ongoing training workshops around city building, provided to all Project Coordinators

  -   Learn about the various roles and disciplines involved in the creation of a neighbourhood masterplan (e.g. urban planning, urban design, architecture,      

      landscape architecture)

 -    Meet, learn from, and grow your connections with a number of city-building professionals, neighbourhood stakeholders, and fellow members of the 


  -   Strengthen your communication (both written and verbal) and listening skills

  -   Be part of a dynamic team that is passionate about the future of Regent Park

  -   Flexible working hours

About You

  -   You are from/grew up in Regent Park and are excited to be a part of the team shaping the next phases of the neighbourhood’s revitalization.

  -   You are interested in city-building and passionate about community engagement. You are all about making your community and neighbourhood an inclusive,  

      inviting and welcoming place for existing and future generations.

  -   You know how to listen and enjoy communicating/sharing knowledge with others. You develop creative solutions to reach common understandings and 


  -   You are comfortable with social media, and are excited about using technology in creative ways to engage with your community.

  -  You love working with people and on a team. The idea of a career in the city-building industry and working alongside others in this space inspires and motivates


What’s the job?

  -   Supporting the co-design and co-creation of the public consultation process for Phases 4 & 5 of the Regent Park Revitalization

  -   Creating a short presentation/resource to share with the community about the Master Plan Revitalization process

  -   Collecting and organizing primary and demographic research to provide the project team with a strong understanding of the community and its needs

  -   Developing an understanding of the various stakeholder, community, and project team needs, and tailoring community engagement materials to support  

      the project

  -   Preparing and reviewing engagement materials for a range of audiences

  -   Attending and actively participating in public consultation meetings and events, whether that happens in-person or online

  -   Supporting the overall engagement process, including: 

        -   Planning, coordination, and logistics for any public consultation events

        -   Drafting and updating the appropriate follow-up materials for key stakeholders, the project team, and the broader community 

        -   Helping to ensure the engagement process is accessible to youth, people with disabilities, elected Tenant Councils, grassroots groups, community                                  leaders, and neighbourhood associations 

What would make me the right fit for the role?

 -   Resident of Regent Park

 -   A proven track record of supporting your community, as a volunteer or in paid positions

 -   Excellent listening skills

 -   Excellent written and oral communication skills

 -   Experience working in a team environment

 -   Comfortable speaking/presenting in front of both smaller and larger groups

 -   Strong research, organizational and note-taking skills

 -   Experience with communications and/or community engagement

 -   Interest/desire to work in the planning and development industry

 -   Strong skills working with Microsoft Office tools – particularly PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook

 -   Experience working with social media considered an asset

 -   Knowledge of Bengali, Somali, Arabic, Vietnamese, Spanish, Tamil, Mandarin and/or Cantonese considered a significant asset

 -   Compensation will be commensurate with experience.

    Compensation will be commensurate with experience.


More About Us


About the ReSet Team & Regent Park Revitalization Phases 4 & 5


In July 2021, Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) and its development partner, Tridel, (together, the “Development Team”) selected a multi-disciplinary Consultant Team to lead the master planning process for Phases 4 & 5 of the Regent Park Revitalization. This Consultant Team is a collaboration between Bousfields Inc., Karakusevic Carson Architects (KCA), ERA Architects (ERA), and Monumental.[1] 


Now that the master planning process is in its early stages, the Consultant Team is seeking to hire three (3) Project Coordinators from the Regent Park neighbourhood to help shape the community engagement process for Phases 4 & 5 of the revitalization. The Project Coordinators will form part of the Bousfields Community Engagement team and work closely alongside the entire project team (both the Development and Consultant Team) on the master planning process for the next several months.


About the Bousfields Community Engagement Team


Bousfields Inc. is one of the pre-eminent consulting firms in Ontario with special expertise in urban planning, design, and community engagement.  We believe that the best city-building outcomes come from engaging with community stakeholders all the way through the planning and development process.


The Community Engagement team at Bousfields works together as a cohesive unit.  Everyone has our own projects that we are responsible for; but we spend all day every day sharing ideas, best practices, reviewing each other’s work, and bringing out the best in each other - so that we can create the best outcomes for our clients and communities.  What do we work toward? Making the planning process more approachable and accessible for everyone who wants to be a part of it.


Join us as we think about building our cities and communities in a whole new way.

Interested in the position? Please send your resume to csr@tridel.com with the subject: Regent Park Coordinator. We will connect with you and share your resume with the hiring team at Bousfield.