Things that taste and look good can also do good – Tridel’s GoodGift At Tridel, we believe it’s worth the extra effort to discover things that not only look and taste good but also do good. As a proud City builder in the Greater Toronto Area, we believe that with that responsibility comes the commitment to look for ways to support and give back to the families and communities that give us the opportunity to grow and thrive. 

One of the ways we are committed to this effort is through social procurement. This concept is not necessarily new, but the power social procurement has in transforming small businesses and the larger community is immense. Social procurement is the achievement of strategic social, economic and workforce development goals using an organization's process of purchasing goods and services. In an effort to evolve our homeowner closing gifts – the symbol of appreciation to our new homeowners for choosing Tridel as their homebuilder – we wanted to give items that looked, tasted and felt good, that also did good. Partnering with SaulGood Gift Giving Co., a certified B-Corp, we started to think inside the box and sourced items that focused on environmental and social transformation. 


One of the items was from the resident-led culinary business from Alexandra Park, the Culinary Crew. This unique item, the “AP spice blend”, captured the flavours, spices, and flair for cooking that this small business has become known for in their community and beyond. And what’s more, the staff from SaulGood have been supporting the Culinary Crew to help with the freshness-sealing and other business-related advice including finding efficiencies in their process without compromising quality or employment opportunities for residents of Alexandra Park. To date, we have purchased over 1,500 spice jars to give to our homeowners as part of their ‘welcome home’ gift, and we hope to continue supporting the Culinary Crew as they expand and grow their catering and gift giving business. To learn more about the Culinary Crew, follow them on Instagram at @culinarycrew_apcc. After all, we know, whether it’s about people, a home, or even a simple box, it’s what’s inside that counts.