Our Purpose

At Tridel, we believe our role of 'city builder' goes beyond the bricks and mortar of our condominiums. We are creators of communities, and we have the potential to contribute positively in a variety of ways to the neighbourhoods where we build. 

We are the developer partner for three Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) neighbourhoods: Alexandra Park, Leslie Nymark, and Regent Park. With this role as the developer partner, we are fortunate to work with community stakeholders to create local economic development and benefits. We look to build strong communities through dedicated employment programming, better access to a greater variety of jobs, and avenues for training, skill-building, and education.  

Tridel's Community Worx is a resource for community members to get connected to available jobs and to get the support needed to find success at every step of their employment journey. We also want to showcase the amazing work being done in community places with the help of our partners to celebrate the wonderful people who live there.

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Your Tridel Team

Tridel’s Community Economic Development Team works with the communities where we build to foster healthy, sustainable, and economically strong places to live – for new and existing residents. 


The team is involved at multiple touchpoints through this mission. On an individual level, we provide personalized employment support and at a corporate level, we work to facilitate partnerships to arrange in-kind contributions of goods and services. 

Tridel is here to support you in taking the next step in your employment journey, wherever that may take you.

Asal Afshar
Asal Afsar

Employment Program Specialist

I am Asal Afshar and I am your Employment Program Specialist. I am here to support you with your employment, education and training needs. Register with us today, and I will get in touch with you to help you get started.

Maggie Hall
Maggie Hall

Community Relations & CSR Specialist

I am Maggie Hall, your Community Relations & Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist. I am here to support you with community projects & initiatives, volunteerism and corporate partnerships.